Our Nurseries

We have two nurseries, one in Shelsley Avenue, Oldbury, and another at 131 High Street, Princes End, Tipton, both centrally located and with good travel connections. Both operate to the exacting high standards that we have always offered to parents.

We cater for children from six weeks to five years old and offer Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs as well as drop off and pick-up from the local school.

We offer a number of specialised activities for our children such as;

  • Music Bugs, music lessons for Early Years children with a qualified music teacher
  • Dance and Music and Movement classes with a qualified teacher
  • Outdoor P.E lessons, linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, with a qualified P.E teacher

We also offer weekly activities around the following

  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Dough Disco
  • Music and movement classes with Twistin Tots

Throughout the year we also offer a number of trips to local attractions such as Sandwell Valley, the West Midlands Safari Park and, further afield, trips to the seaside at Weston-super-Mare.

We arrange for visitors of interest to come into the Nurseries to talk to the children and also hold other special events 'in-house', including Christmas plays, Easter shows and Graduation ceremonies in the local church.

Throughout the year we hold a number of Parent Partnership Days and also hold regular parent afternoons/evenings. With two Early Years teachers we have a strong focus on education to ensure all our children reach their full potential.

We promote a positive, friendly and happy environment for all our children to play, develop, grow and shine. We promise to offer your child a first class Early Years education, an experience second to none. Don't just take our word for it, come and find out yourself! Feel free to drop in any time 7.30 am - 6.00 pm to have a look around; no appointment necessary. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Unicorn Nursery Oldbury


Oldbury Nursery is located in Shelsley Avenue on the Lion Farm Estate, adjacent to St James' Primary School, in a beautifully converted former health clinic.


As well as catering for children aged from six weeks to five years we run a Breakfast and Afterschool Club for children up to eleven years of age.

As we are next to St James' School, parents can drop off their children at the nursery and let our staff take them to and from school, which can be a vital component in many parents' childcare needs.

We have a wonderfully appointed and very substantial outside area surrounding the nursery with an all-weather surface and its own Muddy Kitchen and Garden areas.


If you have any comments or questions, or would like to get in touch regarding Unicorn Nursery Oldbury please call 0121-552 5242 or complete the contact form

Unicorn Nursery Tipton


Tipton Nursery opened in 2011 and is located on 131 High Street, Princes End, Tipton. The nursery consists of a large, open plan environment with an outside area.


We cater for children aged six weeks to five years. From September 2016 we are offering a Breakfast and Afterschool Club for children up to eleven years old. Staff will use a 'Walking Bus' to walk children to our local primary school, Wednesbury Oak, Tipton, and collect them afterwards.

The nursery has an outside area with an all-weather surface, so whenever the weather is suitable we can have the children playing and learning outdoors.


If you have any comments or questions, or would like to get in touch regarding Unicorn Nursery Tipton please call 0121-557 0011 or complete the contact form